“Don’t doubt the ability of the computer elite around you。”
“Haha,Didn’t you say it was developed by you?Since it was developed by you,I think that is the crystallization of collective wisdom。”
He Pengfei smiled embarrassedly,Said:“Just pay attention to the names of some textbook editors during your training.?”
Ding Yi turned to look at him,Deliberately exaggerating the expression on his face and said:“Really?I heard that doing software development can make money?Did you make a lot of money for the unit??”
He Pengfei put down the handbrake,Slowly release the clutch,Step on the accelerator,Driving lane。
Ding Yi saw He Pengfei and didn’t answer her,Just say:“Is the question I asked very vulgar,I just want to know the true value of this software。”
He Pengfei said:“I am the one in,All the benefits do not belong to me,I just got a bonus。”
“how many?”
He Pengfei smiled,Said:“All here。”He pointed to the computer in Ding Yi’s arms。
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“I can’t get this computer anyway。I can’t squeeze the fruits of your wisdom and labor。”
He Pengfei smiled,Said:“Squeezed by you willingly。”
“Oh,Then you are unwilling?but,as far as I know,The unit sent you out to study,You shouldn’t be mentally unbalanced because you returned your unit?”
“I’m not unbalanced,Some ideas cannot be implemented immediately,do you know,In our business,A sudden inspiration in my mind,It is possible to transform into productivity,Produce huge benefits,But if this inspiration can’t become reality immediately,Will miss the opportunity,Over time,Will weaken this kind of inspiration,I won’t even be inspired,That’s terrible。”
Ding Yi is a little puzzled。
He Pengfei continued:“Although we are a research institution,But some shortcomings in the system are still obvious,and so,Sometimes I want to resign。”
Ding Yi understood what he meant,Just said:“Will there be any explanation for your resignation in this case?”
“Have,Compensate the unit with a liquidated damages,You can resign under normal circumstances,But I don’t want to do that right now,Despite the unsatisfactory place,Not to be exhausted,Don’t want to resign,Like you said,I was trained by the unit after all。”