The man in white said with a cold face。

In his heart,I would rather believe that this dragon scale armor made by the ancestor is not good,I don’t want to believe that Mo Xiaosheng’s power is too great。
“Ok……Maybe the quality is not very good……But I have to say,Mo Xiaosheng, that kid really has two tricks!”
Zhang Yousi tore his clothes,Bandage the wound on the leg,While nodding solemnly,For Mo Xiaosheng’s strength,He understands。
His arms and legs are not so good now,But he can barely face Rose and Rose’s companion who is also proficient in mysterious arts.,Although it seems difficult,But at least it can support a period of time。
But when he is in good health,Against Mo Xiaosheng who was seriously injured in the battle,Will still be abused……
On the road outside Victoria Bay that day,If it wasn’t for Rose to arrive in time,He estimated that Mo Xiaosheng had already solved it。
But he really didn’t expect,Master’s most proud apprentice,His big brother Ling Xiao,I couldn’t get any bargains from Mo Xiaosheng!
“Two times?Humph!That’s the case!”
Ling Xiao was extremely unconvinced,Said with a cold snort,“I didn’t use my full strength just now,And mainly because I underestimated the enemy,Plus someone helps him,That’s why I followed that kid’s way,Otherwise with his ability,How can you hurt me?”
The voice fell off,He couldn’t help it again“puff”Spit out blood!
“Brother,Are you OK?”
Zhang Yousi was full of black lines upon seeing this,Brother, this is a bit reluctant to pretend……
Then he looked eagerly concerned,“Let’s go,You go to the hospital with me!”
“I’m fine!”Ling Xiao gritted his teeth and shook his head,Stiff mouth,“Master Zu, this dragon scale armor really doesn’t work,When I look back, I have to tell Master and his elders!”
“That is,That is!”
Zhang Yousi nodded with shame。