“A man nourished by love,Of course it won’t be worse。”

The foreigner answered humorously。
Qin Liang was choked by these words!The rhythm that has mixed feelings in my heart but feels completely helpless。
The door was pushed open again,Liu Xiaoyun, who is bright and charming, flashes silently“With the wind”Come in,The eyes of the three foreigners immediately“bright”Up。
“Why are you girl here??”
Qin Liang’s surprised question。
“I……come and see。”
Of course Liu Xiaoyun would not answer Qin Liang in front of three other foreigners;Because i don’t worry about you,So come with you。
“I have a hasty,What to see here!Five big men,Plus an empty ward with nothing。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
Compared with Xiao Yu’er’s intensive care unit,Of course, Li Hai’s ward looks empty and there is nothing left;A hospital bed,A small bedside table,Plus a table with drawers for things,Nothing more。
“But you have brother-in-law here,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun replied mischievously,She did it on purpose,Only take Qin Liang’s“hair”It’s smooth,He will be in a good mood,He’s in a good mood,Naturally, he won’t do anything rude to Li Hai。
Actually everyone thinks too much,How could Qin Liang be so reckless and impulsive,It’s not that he doesn’t know the priority,How could he cause trouble with reproductive matters at this time?,He’s not stupid。
“Although what you said is false,But I still find it useful。”
Qin Liang answered with a smile,Already in my eyes“Not serious”the taste of,I guess if there were three foreigners present,He would definitely not answer Liu Xiaoyun like this……
Liu Xiaoyun smiled awkwardly,The lie was exposed face to face,Anyone will feel embarrassed after changing。
“Little Master,Hello there。”