Baby Ou doesn’t understand either,“I asked you before,Why is a boy like Pei Huan,Obviously don’t like medicine,But in action,Explicit rejection,But why always meet something,Still have to find medicine。He also directly admitted that he was using medicine,But since he hates the stalking of drugs,Stop looking for medicine.What kind of psychology is this?.”

Call him a gentleman,He used medicine again and again,Call him a villain,He really hopes that he has never given medicine。It’s completely,Directly use the medicine to like and indulge him。
Si Guangnian remembered the last time he asked,He said this is male self-inflation,To put it bluntly, it means to enjoy the love and dedication of others,Then hang Renjie。But it seems like Pei Huan,I just talk about disgust and use it without concealment,Also really rare。
Rare shame。
“I asked you to stay away from the little girl in Zhuge’s house,I’m worried about you being affected by her,But then Pei Huan came out,I feel,Another silly kid,Show you all over the scumbag,Also good。”Si Guangnian didn’t bother to talk about these kids,I only ask my relatives,“You remember,Ignore this Pei Huan,He beg you for help or something,Don’t bother。”
“and also,Don’t mention this person in front of Aze,otherwise,Wait for you to be nagged by him for the night.”
“.”This one,very scary。Baby Ou watched the garage rise up,Brother drove over,Nod quickly,“Brother, don’t tell me either!!”Don’t sell me!!
Si Guangnian was also afraid of Yuze’s mouth now,Nodded。
Useless driver,The three siblings drive by themselves,Arrived at the hotel。
Ou Zhaozhao called and said he had to wait,Work is not finished。
Anyway, I mainly eat hot pot,The three siblings will eat first。Although there are other dishes,But Ou Baobao still let the waiter cook the meat。
“You eat less,Big summer,Get angry after eating too much,Come on,You have eaten this Longjing shrimp.”Yuze asked people to roll the beef away,I stuffed the shrimp in front of Bao Bao,“Eat more vegetables,You weren’t picky eaters when you were young,Why are you picky eaters when you grow up.”
I’m not picky eaters.
Ou Baobao with a flat mouth,Eat with shrimp,But although she is not picky,,But I don’t really like water,Always feel fishy。She eats a little if it is delicious,Not tasty,She won’t move。Be a good kid when I was young,Not picky eaters。Growing up this habit, although there is still,But I want to eat what I like more。
Just like what I said online,Adults are not picky eaters,Because I only buy what I like。She had weak stomach when she was young,Almost always eat at home,Eating outside is the same food as at home,Where is the chance for her to pick her mouth?。Grown up now,The stomach is much better,Hot pot can be eaten slightly spicy,Naturally I have to choose what I like。
When Ou Zhaozhao came over,Bought some fried chicken on the way,Because Ou Baobao is crazy about fried things recently,Directly in front of the girl,Let the waiter refill the soup,“There seems to be a quarrel downstairs.”