Low fat pineapple salad is refreshing and slim

Low fat pineapple salad is refreshing and slim

Although the traditional salad looks refreshing, the conversion value of the salad dressing will make you look pale.

Experts believe that you can replace traditional salad dressings with skimmed yogurt, tomato sauce, or homemade vegetable sauces, and don’t add flavor, but also relatively low.

Even in the restaurant, you can ask the restaurant to separate the salad dressing and the main ingredients of the salad, and you can easily control the salad transformation by preparing it according to your needs.

  Ingredients for low fat pineapple salad: 20g lettuce, 1g refined salt, 150g yoghurt (defatted), 140g pineapple and 151g potato Method: 1.

Wash the pineapple and cut into diced for later use; 2.

2. Wash the potatoes, put them in a basket and steam them over high heat, peel them, and sieve them into mashed potatoes while they are still hot; 3.

Put the diced pineapple and mashed potatoes into the container, mix well and add to the plate, spread into an oval shape for use; 4.

Add yogurt to the decorative bag, and mount the oval salad into a pineapple.

  Egg tomato salad ingredients: 200g eggs, 700g tomatoes, 36g chives, 10g celery, 50g bell peppers, 5g paprika, 20g white sugar, 10g vinegar, 3g refined salt, 1g pepper method: 1.

1. Wash the green onion, green pepper, red pepper, and celery leaves, chop them into small pieces, add cold salt, add refined salt, sugar, white vinegar, paprika, and pepper to make a vegetable sauce.

2. Put the eggs in a boiling water pot, cook them, and fish in cold water;

Wash the fresh tomatoes, blanch the excess water and cut into slices; 4.

Peel and slice the cooked eggs, sandwich one egg slice between each two slices of fresh tomatoes, place them neatly on the plate, and pour in vegetable sauce.