“Who else could she have?”Yang Xue said sharply:“She did this just to put pressure on us,To be precise, it’s putting pressure on people like you!”

Guan Hao said:“Today I clarified a fact in front of my family,That means Xiaoxia is a good woman,She didn’t do anything to seduce me,He’s not the one who climbs the flames,Why we can be together,I totally like her、Love her,I provoked her,And it brought her so-called stains that could not be washed away,Put a heavy thought burden on her,She has never dared to disclose our relationship,Just for fear of smearing my face,Affect my career。You say her like that,Even talk about my political future,What is she waiting for?”
“but,I just think you are not suitable for her!”Guan Zhengfang said stubbornly。
Guan Hao looked at Dad,Said:“Who am I right,Luo Ting??Do you know what she did to me?Did she really love me?Has she ever considered anything for me?Let’s talk more,Who am i with,Only I know it best,Outsiders have no say!”
Guan Zhengfang heard his son say that,Trembling with anger,He roared:“You forcibly occupy your husband’s wife,There is a face that says love,I blush for you,I tell you,This will be everything sooner or later,No one is fooling you now,Once someone tricks you, you get married.。If she keeps her way,No matter how you seduce her, she shouldn’t be caught。I think she approached you premeditatedly,Delusion。”
“According to your theory, she should have married Xiaohao so that she could go to the sky,Why she left?”Yang Xue asked。
Guan Zhengfang froze for a long time before saying:“That is,That I bought her,I use16Wan bought her,She is a snob who sees money open!”Guan Zheng Fang said sternly。
The Guan family were shocked by this。
A word from Guan Zhengfang,Surprised the whole family。
Guan Hao thought for a while and said:“When did you give her the money?After talking with her??”
Guan Zhengfang said:“Yes,At the beginning of April。”
Guan Hao closed his eyes in pain,Opened it for a long time,His eye circles are red,He said:“In other words,She had already decided to leave me,If she is really profitable as you said,I will talk to you about the conditions,I believe,If she negotiates with you,Even talk to you about the loss,You will definitely agree。”
Guan Zhengfang nodded,For this daughter to leave her son,For his son’s political future,He will agree to all the conditions she made。
Guan Hao said again:“But she didn’t mention anything,Right?”
Guan Zhengfang nodded again,Said:“Also mentioned。”
“What did she mention?”Guan Hao frowned and asked。
Guan Zhengfang said:“She said he will wait until your stomach is up before leaving。”