The baby blurted out:“all good。”

“You like‘Guan Jian’,Still like‘Yi’an’?”Grandpa is obviously unwilling。
Baby raise his head,Looking at grandpa with wide eyes and said:“I like all of them。Uncle got his name,Grandpa started the name。Different。”
Zhou Yue is helping Fang’s wife choose vegetables in the kitchen,Hear here,She and Sister Fang looked at each other,Two people can’t help but flop,Laugh at the same time。
Guan Zhengfang laughed after hearing the baby’s answer,Said:“Comrade Guan Jian,You are my idol——”
The baby is happy when he hears it,Said:“Uncle said the same just now。”
Guan Zhengfang laughed,Said:“There are still many fans of the baby?”
Baby said:“What is a fan?”
“Ha ha,The fans are grandpa and uncle,Is someone who worships you。”
Baby pursed his mouth and smiled,He looked down at the tank in the magazine,Look up and ask grandpa:“After Aunt Zhou Yue’s baby came out,Does Uncle Guan Yao have no time to worship me??”
Grandpa laughed again,The old general burst into tears with joy,Said:“do not worry,This won’t change。Uncle might worship his baby,But his admiration for Comrade Guan Jian will not change。”
“Won’t grandpa change??”
“of course,So you have to keep working hard,Let us worship,We will never change。”
“Uncle said he also admires dad。”