Song Jiajia saw someone with Li Qingqing,I consciously didn’t get in there,But continue to stand in his old place and take out his mobile phone to play games。

Just watched for a while,Yang Mingwei said:“Qingqing,That 11th looks pretty awesome,Is he the core of your dad’s team??”
Li Qingqing nodded:“Uncle Yang, you are amazing,His name is Luo Kai,Is the best scorer in this Anton Cup,Scored 13 goals in seven games。It is the great contributor to Dongchuan Middle School who can enter the national competition。”
“Ok,Comprehensive technology,Good physical fitness,Really a good seed……”Yang Mingwei said。
Just talking,Luo Kai on the court fluffed his hair,Immediately afterwards, there was a scream of girls from the stands。
This sudden sound shocked Yang Mingwei:“Yesterday your dad told me that there is a player in his team who has many fans,It’s him?”
Li Qingqing:“Yes,Uncle Yang,He is very popular。”
“good job,Kids now……Terrible。”Yang Mingwei shook his head repeatedly,Sighed。At the same time thinking,In this environment,I’m afraid the boys are more willing to play football?Everyone is enthusiastic about participating in this sport,It’s always a good thing……
He looked away from Luo Kai,Pitch to others on the team,Then he found it on the side of the court,There is a figure doing shooting training alone。
“Eh,Why did that person train alone?”He pointed。
“what,His situation is a bit special。”Li Qingqing saw the figure pointed by Uncle Yang,Just laughed。“His foundation is too bad,So we have to do intensive training in addition to joint training。”
“There is still such a person in your father’s team?”Yang Mingwei finds it a little weird。“I’m still doing this kind of exercise in high school……”
Li Qingqing didn’t explain to Uncle Yang,But watching Hu Lai intently practicing shooting。I haven’t seen him training for a long time,She found that Hu Lai was in the action of stopping the ball and shooting,Is getting more and more skilled……
Just watched for a while,Li Ziqiang whistles,Tell everyone to get together to play team games。
This is a good way to test the training content。
The team members receive training vests of different colors,Divided into three groups。The side that lost the ball ends up,Put the team on standby off the court,Just rotate like this。