Qin Liang’s depressed answer。

“Because of me!I didn’t mess with you,You sneered at me as soon as you came up,Satirize me,Now you blame me?I don’t know this pot。”
Yang Zhi said unwillingly。
“What a hell,Why is this girl so angry today?”
Qin Liang said to himself……
Shen Ruoxue’s temper today is a bit of an inexplicable rhythm,Actually, it’s not surprising at all,She was depressed by Xiao Yuer’s affairs,That’s why I’m so angry,So unsteady。
So Qin Liang is unlucky today,He just hit Shen Ruoxue’s muzzle!
Shen Ruoxue did not drag Liu Xiaoyun to chase Xiao Yuer and Li Hai,Instead, I walked to a place not far from Xiao Yuer and the rest。Although she is in a bad mood,But I haven’t forgotten the important mission of myself。
“I know you are in a bad mood,You have to restrain yourself,Adjust your mindset,Don’t be too impulsive。”
Walked in silence for a short while,After Shen Ruoxue calmed down,,Liu Xiaoyun began to persuade Shen Ruoxue。
“Are you in a good mood now?”
Shen Ruoxue asked Liu Xiaoyun tangledly。
“But it’s of no use,At least for now,We can’t do anything,I can only watch eagerly and helplessly。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s helpless answer。