Sang Qingrou saw,Will laugh at myself,She can’t be so faceless。

Ouyang Shuo took two steps,Suddenly stopped,Seems to remember something,Turned and looked in the direction of Sang Xiaoxi。
Sang Xiaoxi felt happy,She knew,Ouyang Shuo will not turn a blind eye to himself。
But who knows,Ouyang Shuo called the guard standing next to her。
“In Yongdu City,Is there any news??”
The guard came forward to reply:“Back to the prince,Not yet。”
Ouyang Shuo’s face is a bit unsightly,They can’t go back to the city for now,About the epidemic,How does he check?
Emperor Liang’s apprentice died strangely,this matter,He needs to be checked by the Criminal Ministry,Still intervene personally?
He frowned:“Step back!News in the city,Must tell this king the first time。”
Sang Qingrou thought,There should be nothing wrong with this。Sang Xiaoxi is still here,She just came back and felt the murderous look in Sang Xiaoxi’s eyes,She would better withdraw first。
“Prince,If nothing happens,I retire first。Just came out of the dead,I have to go back and wash this body。Everyone had better go back and change clothes,It’s better to burn dirty clothes。”
Although not dirty,But these things,Be careful。
Think of what happened in the mass grave,Ouyang Shuo dare not neglect。