It is true,Don’t talk about pulling mice,Just simply upgrade Xia Jihan will not play,She doesn’t know all the cards。

Let alone Guan Hao,He doesn’t know how to play Mahjong popular in officialdom,Not to mention distinctive“gambling”The nature of the mouse,He won’t。But that was half an hour ago,Now through Zhao Gang’s half-hour training,He has mastered all the skills of pulling mice。
Just now,He and Zhao Gang knocked Wang Ping’s stick together,Let him have supper,Know this name“Rubber tube”Wang Ping, who is not cooked and boiled, will not give in easily,Just use this game to fix him,So as not to make him see the flaw,I deliberately called in Xia Jihan who knew nothing about it。
Three men sat down around the coffee table,Xia Jihan looked hard,Say:“I do not know。”
Listen to Wang Ping,Holding shoulders deliberately,Yin and Yang looked at the ceiling strangely and didn’t speak。
Zhao Gang motioned to Xia Jihan to sit down,He started to tell her how to compare size,What is winning or losing。Guan Hao glanced at Wang Ping,Said:
“All right,Just master the basics,The big deal is to lose to the king’s game。”
Wang Ping nodded,Say:“You guys begged me to play with me,Win or lose,No shame。”
Move point,Zhao Gang deals。
Xia Jihan holds three cards,Glanced at the opposite Guan Hao,Guan Hao calmly took out one20Yuan ticket,Throw in,Say:“twenty。”
Wang Ping remained calm,And threw twenty yuan。It’s Xia Jihan’s turn,She only has one spade1,do not know what to do,Zhao Gang looked at her and shook his head,Motion her to throw a card,Not with。She did。Then bent over to look at Zhao Gang’s cards。Correct9,One1。
After two laps,Guan Hao throws cards,Zhao Gang continue,At last,Zhao Gang takes the initiative,Wang Ping8。Zhao Gangying。
Xia Jihan basically throws cards,She was originally a card stand。This one finally camek,She got excited,Threw it in20yuan,Everyone followed,She was nervous,Either you won’t come,Here comes a good brand and everyone else follows,She is hesitating to follow,Look up,Seeing Guan Hao shaking his head at her,She got it,Threw the card,No longer follow。
Who is Wang Ping?,He had seen their movements a long time ago,He knew he was a lamb to be slaughtered tonight,But he doesn’t make a difference,Still squinting two small long eyes,Staring at the desktop,One shot,Up50yuan,Zhao Gang and Guan Hao followed immediately50yuan。Then he waved again,One hundred yuan。Zhao Gang ran,Guan Hao and 100。
Wang Ping squinted at Guan Hao,Pondered,Throw out two hundred yuan,Guan Hao then quietly threw out two hundred。
Wang Ping is serious,He said:“I don’t believe it’s bigger than you。three hundred。”