“Oh,Because someone is going to kidnap Keyao again,For her safety,I hid her to an alien planet,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang said nonsense casually。
“Wouldn’t it be the same gang who kidnapped her last time??”
Yang Shiyun immediately asked alertly,The man behind the case last time,The so-called boss,I haven’t found any clues about him until now,So always,It’s all a big rock in Yang Shiyun’s heart,Looking at Qin Liang now, it seems to know some inside stories,Quickly asked a few words。
“This is not easy to say,The target of the kidnapping last time was Xiaokeyer,The purpose is nothing more than to use Xiaokeyer to blackmail Murongshan,But this time is different,This time they are targeting Murong Shan and her mother and daughter,So I’m still not sure if the last time the person was manipulating this。”
Qin Liang is not smiling,But to explain to Yang Shiyun very seriously。
“The security of the key is absolutely guaranteed, right??”
Yang Shiyun asked。
“of course,The one i hide,Who can find?Ha ha。”
Qin Liang smiled triumphantly,Self-confidence,He still has。
“So just protect Murong Shan now.。”
Yang Shiyun turned his face,Looking at Murong Shan,Thoughtfully。
“I know what you are thinking,Big breasted girl,Murong Shan can’t hide,Because she is hiding,Those people won’t make a move,So not only can she not hide,When necessary,Have to keep showing up in public。”
Qin Liang said meaningfully,You can draw the snake out of the hole。
“But the premise is;Must ensure her absolute safety。”
Yang Shiyun thought so,So she said decisively and firmly。
“So you have to take care of this matter,I want to take my people to take action,Murong Shan’s safety is up to you,Let’s take responsibility separately,what do you think?”