Mocking others,Ye Tianzong turned a deaf ear。

There have been many happy things recently,Have a big meal to celebrate,Nothing to blame。
Price is not important,The important thing is,taste。
“I think this picture looks pretty,Come with this。”
Ye Tianzong fingered,Song Huiya recorded,Nodded:“This is Australian lobster,Sells for five thousand one disc。”
“and this。”
“This is Haihe King Crab,8,000 copies。”
“Some more……”
“This is Kobe beef,The best of the best,20,000 copies……”
One after another。
Ye Tianzong ordered 20 meat dishes in one breath。
and,One per point,Song Hyea is about to quote the price,From thousands to tens of thousands,In the end it was tens of thousands。
I was thinking of Zhang Chunqin who could raise his eyebrows,Is so angry that he almost spews out old blood。
This guy is really a fool,Look at the picture,Don’t you look at the numbers?
So many zeros behind,Dare you!