Zhao Ming’s words are like the sound of a great road lingering in her ears。

Looking at Zhao Ming’s upright body,Huo Wu has some admiration in her eyes。school bag
She finally understood,Why is Zhao Ming so strong。First in mind,She is far behind him。
How ambitious is his goal?。
This makes Huo Wu somewhat ashamed。Although she is a lot older than Zhao Ming,But it seems that he is not mature yet。Until now,She is only practicing to become a strong person,Admired by others。But Zhao Ming is different。
“Is your goal to become a titled Douluo level powerhouse??With your talent,Just work hard,Maybe there will be such a day。”Huo Wu’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao Ming,Said with brilliant colors。
“Can Title Douluo be called a strong one??The strong never ends。”Zhao Ming shook his head,Look into the distance,Said lightly。
Huo Wu’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao Ming tightly。Title Douluo,In her mind, she is already the most powerful existence on the mainland。But in Zhao Ming’s eyes,But nothing。
“It’s a pity that I might never see such a scenery in my life。”Huo Wu sighed softly。
“I believe you also have a chance to become a strong。You are also very talented。”
“My talent is good,But it’s so much different from you。”Huo Wu shook her head,Said with a smile,“You have already surpassed me at such a young age,I don’t know how to cultivate。What a monster。”
“correct,Grandpa just asked me to come to you,I didn’t expect to talk to you for so long all at once。Grandpa and they probably have been waiting for a long time now。”Huo Wu suddenly realized this problem,Looking at Zhao Ming,Apologetic in his eyes。
“Sorry,Maybe I will trouble you again。”
“Nothing。Senior Huo Shang is quite accomplished in the study of fire attribute martial spirits。If he can point me to one or two,I am too happy。”Zhao Ming smiled,Under the leadership of Huo Wu,The two walked towards the playground。
“That is,My grandpa is a powerful Contra-level。”Huo Wu said,Some pride in the tone。Because her grandfather has always been the most powerful and authoritative person among the fire spirit spirit masters。