“Of course willing!”

Mo Xiaosheng and Wang Xuan looked overjoyed,Excited inside,Nodded in unison。
Li Xiumei seemed to have been hit by the hammer,Exclaimed,Roll your eyes,Leaning back straight,Crashed to the ground with a thump。
Because everyone’s attention is on Blanche,So I didn’t see her fainting,Until she fell to the ground and made this muffled noise,The people around found out that she had passed out。
“mom!Mom what’s wrong with you mom?”Tang Hongxu’s face instantly turned pale,Leaned over to hug his mother。
“Xiaomei!”Tang Guangmin didn’t have the calmness at first,Side view wife,Shouted at the bodyguard:“Hurry up and drive!”
Then Tang Hongxu hugged his mother and walked out,When passing by Mo Xiaosheng, I still don’t forget to give him a cold look full of hatred。
If it’s not Mojin·Feng Yuanxiang kicked in,All the honors today,All theirs!
Qi Tengjun, who was previously arrogant and arrogant, looked very ugly now,I hate my teeth,If it wasn’t for Mo Xiaosheng to snatch Duan Fengnian away,Maybe I worked with Davor today,Maybe it’s their home!
“President Qi,Sorry,Disappointed you this time!”
Wang Xuan was instantly refreshed when he saw Jun Qi Teng slumped,Do not forget to tease him severely,“But don’t be discouraged,The second place is already a good result,Hahahaha……”
Wang Xuan laughed wildly after learning Qi Tengjun’s arrogant appearance,The whole person looks more owed than Qi Tengjun。
“Help me!”
Qi Tengjun only felt the blood surge in his chest,Can’t stand anymore,Hurriedly called the person next to him,Let them hold on to themselves。